The (original) KC7GR Techmobile has been decommissioned as of 18-Apr-17...

It's a long story. The 10c version is I got rear-ended on an off-ramp (thankfully, I was not injured at all nor was anyone else) and shoved into a pickup truck in front. Unfortunately, the damage to my cargo hatch and rear end was, given the Techmobile's age (M/Y 2000) and high mileage (294K), considered to be a 'Total' by my insurance carrier. The van was still driveable after the accident, but the radiator failed a couple of days later.

So -- My lady and I are going car shopping. The most favorable candidate at this time is a Toyota Sienna minivan. As for the original, I will strip the extra electronics out and donate the husk to a local community radio station. This way, at least, we get a tax write-off.

Assuming all goes well, watch this space for the 'Techmobile v3.0'

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