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What you'll find here...

A whole slew of different things! I've been an active hamateur radio op since December of 1977. As you might imagine, I grew up during a time when tinkering was The Way of the Ham, and I remain a tinkerer to this day.

Some of my favorite pastimes include modifying commercial radio gear for amateur use (a pastime which I went and turned into a side business), designing and building my own stuff, kit building and restoring retired test equipment.

In fact, where electronics is concerned, I've done a little of everything that the field has to offer (except for government classified stuff), from fixing Teletype machines to aligning microwave networks and beyond.

The links in this table will take you to the various sections of my site. I don't use cookies, javascript, Flash, or any of the other unnecessary crap that so many web designers seem to think is vital, so enjoy the quick load times and text-friendly pages. Any graphics I use will usually have meta-tags for the benefit of text-to-speech software such as Jaws.

(The Z3801 page is offline until further notice). The Techmobile!

It's back, bigger and better! Now at v3.0!

Useful hamateur links This space is still unoccupied, and really doesn't contain much of interest. Blame Trump! How to tweak GTX RSS to let Motorola GTX radios program into the 900MHz amateur band.

If you have any questions, or comments on this site's contents, please feel free to drop me a note on: query (at) bluefeathertech dot com