The Wonderful World of Scrounging!

One man's garbage is another's gold...

Definitely words to live by for anyone who's interested in used, refurbished, or surplus electronics and computer hardware. However, I should also note that Scrounging can be hazardous to bank accounts and marriages the world over. ;-)

The use of Good Common Sense is definitely indicated. As much as possible, know what you're getting into before you buy! With that in mind...

If you've never visited an electronic surplus dealer, used computer store or electronics-specific swap meet in your life...

You will want to read 'So you want to be a Scrounger?' before going ANY farther!

If you're an experienced scrounger, or simply want to go straight to listings of surplus places and electronic-specific swap meets...

Check out these links...

  • Washington State (Swap Meets and Surplus Stores)
  • California (Swap Meets and Surplus Stores)
  • Oregon (Swap Meets and Surplus Stores)
  • Surplus Store Memorial (Closed/Out of Business)

  • So what if I don't see MY favorite event or store listed?

    This site is devoted entirely to facilitating scrounging in the electronic and computer surplus arena. The qualifications for a listing are:

    For swap meets: The event must happen on a recurring basis (at least once per year), and must be at least 75% dedicated to non-consumer electronic, test, and/or computer equipment.

    For surplus stores or wholesalers: An actual storefront ("Bricks-and-Mortar" is the slang term) must exist! Stores or suppliers that are entirely web-based, and that do business only through mail order, are not eligible for listing. In addition, the store must sell at least 50% surplus/used non-consumer electronic or computer equipment.

    As some examples: A Radio Shack store would NOT be eligible for a listing because they only sell new equipment. HOWEVER, if you have, say, a TV repair shop that regularly sells used test gear and computer hardware, and that activity makes up at least 50% of their regular business, the shop would then be eligible for a listing.

    To request a listing for your favorite store or swap meet, you need only E-mail me the details. The first thing that happens, assuming the entry meets the criteria shown above, is that an interim update will appear on the site indicating that the information was submitted by one of the site's readers.

    Once I make a personal review, the listing will be updated accordingly and will (usually) include a storefront photo.

      "Not tonight, Dear. I need to work on my muffle furnace..."

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