Store Name: Ali's Surplus Stuff (or just 'Surplus Stuff')
Address: (Last Known): 9203 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA
Phone: (916) 381-8304
Hours: UNKNOWN -- May have gone out of business as of last check
Web Site? Yes
Primary Line: Computer and Networking Components
Secondary Line: Test equipment, retired professional audio and video (broadcast) gear, vintage electronics, CCTV gear, etc.
Pricing Grade: ?
Variety Grade: ?
Customer Service Grade: ?
Overall Grade: ?

LAST UPDATE: 10-Aug-23

As of the date shown above: I think we may have either lost Ali's Surplus altogether, or they've converted over solely to computer repair. There are multiple indications to support this, as follows:

If you're reading this, and are in a position to check/verify the status of Ali's, please do so and drop me a note with the result!

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